Wedding Speech Template Packs for Instant Download

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Wedding Speech Template Packs for Instant Download

We are one of the few GENUINE UK Wedding Speech sites; and our Wedding Speech templates, content and humour are perfect for British and Irish Weddings. We should know, we have written over 7000 successful Wedding Speeches.

* A Template is a ready-made wedding speech, all you need do is add people’s names to the blanks. However, they are carefully planned so you can add your own personal material if you wish. They are available for Best Man, Groom, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Brother of the Bride, Son of the Bride [In place of a Father], Bride and Mother of the Bride.

*Pre Season Special Offer* Wedding Speech Template Packs are now only £4.99, plus the unique to us and fabulous 45 page Directory of Humour comes FREE with every one. Guaranteed the best fiver you will ever spend.

* The 45 page Directory of Humour contains hundreds of funny and alternative remarks; not only wedding remarks, but hilarious one liners and jokes on the subjects of sport, jobs, hobbies, cooking, spending, driving, drinking, meanness, gambling and many other topics. This material will definitely make your speech stand out from the crowd.

* Every customer also receives a very detailed sheet of tips, on how to successfully present their speech; plus a helpful list of the recommended order and content of all the main wedding speeches.

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